Rewards program


At Montreal Auto Prix, we are happy to give our customers the chance to take advantage of our SERVICE PLUS rewards program.  When you purchase a vehicle at Montreal Auto Prix or a maintenance at one of our mechanical centers, get the card for free. 

Here are the advantages granted by the SERVICE PLUS rewards program. 

  • Upon presentation of the SERVICE PLUS card, you are entitled to preferential rates on your first three oil changes:
  • The first oil change is at 20,00$
  • The second oil change is at 15,00$
  • The third oil change is at 10,00$ 


With the SERVICE PLUS card, all repairs performed on your motor vehicle are subject to a 5% discount on your full invoice amount.  This rebate is credited to your SERVICE PLUS account and can be applied on your next invoice originating from one of our workshops.  You can also choose to accumulate discounts to use them at a time that best suits you.

With the SERVICE PLUS card you can enjoy a 5% discount when you purchase tires in one of our workshops. *

*  There are no 5% discounts when tires are purchased at the same time as a vehicle at Montreal Auto Prix.