Summer holiday’s in Quebec

Summer holiday’s in Quebec

Vacances au Québec

Spending your summer holiday’s in Quebec

Summer being officially upon us, one must start thinking, if they haven’t already, of vacation plans for the holidays. The price of flying being astronomically high forces us to sometimes consider other options for our time off. Travelling with ones car is a great alternative for making the most of your holidays without breaking the bank. In fact, there is here in Quebec a great number of destinations that one must discover.

The great outdoors

                  Quebec has an impressive number of National parks that should definitely be considered for those who love camping and the outdoors. Only four hours from Montreal, Jacques Cartier national park is certainly worth the trip. The park is known for the diversity of its wildlife; keep your eyes peeled as your walking in the trails as you might spot a deer, fox or even moose. We really enjoyed and recommend the Les Loups trail; it’s a bit more challenging then some other hikes but definitely worth the trouble for its amazing vistas. If water sports are more your thing, canoeing and kayaking on the river is a great way to explore the region. In regards to accommodations, camping is the most popular option but there is a possibility to rent cottages within the park if you prefer that alternative.

                  If you rather not travel too far away from Montreal or your vacation time is somewhat limited, it’s not necessary to put in hours on the road to have an unforgettable holiday. Mont Tremblant national park is a wonderful option if that is the case. The park offers activity’s a plenty; we particularly enjoyed canoeing on the Rivière rouge. They offer excursions of a few hours, but for the adventurous, the canoe camping option is definitely a must. If hiking is more your cup of tea, at La montagne noir twenty minutes away from Tremblant, a hike of about four hours brings you to the site of a World War II plane crash. At the summit you can see what is left of the plane as well as beautiful views of the Laurentians. If you’re looking for an experience that’s a bit more unique, Les refuges perchés is a great option. During your stay, you live in treehouses that have an amazing view on a private lake. The houses accommodate two to six people and are surrounded by little trails that are perfect for children. Canoes are also available on site.

                  We can’t help but give a brief mention of Forillon national park which we consider to be one of the most beautiful in Quebec. It is however for the more adventurous traveller being at more than ten hours from Montreal in Gaspésie. However, the view on the sea, sand dunes and the possibility to set your eyes on a whale make the long drive worth it. 

The city

                  Do you feel like spending your vacation discovering a city instead? We sometimes forget that Quebec city, one of the most beautiful cities in all of Canada is only a few hours away.  Being so close to Montreal it can really be a spur of the moment trip that has none of the usual international travel hassles associated to it. Even if you’ve already been, why not spend a few days simply walking the streets and browsing the shops of the old city. For the music lovers, the Festival d’été de Québec is a must with great headliners and a price tag much more affordable then Osheaga in Montreal. If you decide to spend your vacation in Quebec, we recommend going over to the Chic shack to try their take on the classic poutine and have a milkshake. If you prefer a fancier meal, we really enjoyed Le clocher penché on St Joseph Street. On the weekend, go down to the Marché du vieux port which is about 20 minutes away from the city center; fresh local produce lovers will definitely appreciate it.

Spending your vacation in Montreal

                  When you live in a city like Montreal, no need to go very far to spend a wonderful vacation, all you need to do is walk out your front door. It’s hard to truly soak up all Montreal has to offer during the year since we lead such busy lives; the summer is assuredly the time to do it. All summer Montreal will host numerous festivals like the Jazz festival which is presently going on until July 9th. Just for laughs is also coming up so make sure to book some tickets for that event! For the early birds we recommend spending a morning at the Jean-Talon market; buying your fruits and vegetables and sitting down at one of their many coffee shops. Don’t forget to try some polish donuts called ponki’s if you end up passing by the market as they are definitely worth the extra calories. During the day go for a bike ride or a walk along the Lachine canal. Finish your evening at Foxy our favorite restaurant of the moment which serves great food straight from their wood burning oven. Whatever you decide to do, you need only step outside to discover all that Montreal has to offer.

The province of Quebec is a fantastic place to spend your summer holidays whatever you choose to do. We hope that we at least inspired you to set out and discover what it has to offer. That you spend your vacations here in Quebec or elsewhere in the world, we wish you the best of summers!

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