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Hybrid Electric Car Montreal


Click this button to access our Hybrid Electric Vehicle Inventory.Hybrid Electric Division 

A business model for the benefit of the consumer.

Always in the interest of offering consumers the lowest possible price on the market for all brands and models alike, Montréal Auto Prix is innovating once again with the first Hybrid Electric division in Canada. We are offering consumers the same business model that has made our business successful, based on high sales volume at the lowest possible price!

By grouping together the various types of hybrid electric cars under the same roof, Montréal Auto Prix enables the public to compare, try and learn about this innovative, rapidly-growing technology.

Available at Montreal Auto Prices, 4000$ rebate on the purchase of your used electric car.

With the government's pilot project, take advantage of a $ 4,000 rebate to purchase your electric vehicle. Do not hesitate to contact us for information on the rebate! Here is the link of the announcement made by the Government of Québec: 4000$ rebate

Friday April 28th 2017 we made a great announcement!

We have always been at the forefront of practices in our field. The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Pierre Arcand and City Councilor for Transport for the City of Montreal, Elsie Lefebvre, came to support Montréal Auto Prix for announcing our initiative to install two Fast charging station for electric cars with free usage period! 

Client : CNW Photo : Éric Carrière  514-569-9561





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